Monday, March 5, 2012

How This Blog Got Its Name

As I embark on coming back to this simple little blog, maybe I should share a bit on how I came up with the blog's name.
                                            Picture Source:  my sister Teresa’s truck

Someday I want to have a flower farm.  Entrepreneur I am not, so this flower farm dream is not necessarily a realistic one.  I can’t just strike out there today and do this – need a steady paycheck, you know?  This is the “when I win the lottery” dream.    This is the dream of what I "gift" back to the world.  I don't want it to be a business, I want it to be a gift.
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It was so long ago that this flower farm idea “came to me”.  Someone asked me recently, where did you come up with your blog name?  I like to think that it didn’t come from me . . . that the Holy Spirit whispered it to me.  The vision first was the “Sunrise to Sunset Daytime Retreat Center” and then it worked into the “First Fruits Flower Farm.”
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I’m not thinking that I’m going to describe this flower farm today, what I’m hoping for it to be all about. That’s a big task. Yet, somewhere I got the idea that the farm will need a blog and that’s where this blog got its name.

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So far this blog is just a little of this, a little of that . . . and not much of anything about the flower farm.  Yet for so many years I’ve thought that I just need to do these little things as a symbol that I really do believe in this dream.  So there are now business cards for the flower farm and a computer mouse pad with the farm’s name.  I even bought an old VW bus years ago that I thought would be great for the farm (it wasn’t – the engine caught on fire).  It was my hippie van – complete with flower stickers all over it.  So now I think that something more like this pink beauty one day belongs on my farm.

                                            Picture Source:  Pam Evans Cate
Sometimes it’s just a hobby farm for me and my love, complete with sheep in the pasture and chickens roaming the grounds.

                                            Picture Source: Joani Schofield

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And sometimes it’s the one that’s shared with others.
I guess only time will tell.  Deep in my heart I know that my dream will one day become a reality.

So for now, I’ve returned to this blog.  Last week I attended a Blog Forum hosted by the Vintage Bricoleur (  It was fun to meet and get exposed to some other folks that have a blog.  And I committed myself to once again take up this endeavor. 
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Welcome back.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

More To Come Soon

I think it's time to come back . . .